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We provide a scalable cloud infrastructure, that help you save the resources of your business and you’ll get maximum results from newsletter campaigns, thanks to over 98% deliverability and statistics analysis.

Sendmachine was built so that the way from creating an account to sending your newsletters, only takes a few moments. This is due to the intuitive panel and detailed How-To instructions.

Due to the efficiency that is offered by Sendmachine, you don’t have to worry about the costs of sending newsletters, as they will reduce and the prices are the best on the market and you will send more emails.

  • Minimum costs
  • Free emails every month
  • Quick and effective support
  • User-friendly interface
  • Custom templates
  • Over 98% deliverability in Inbox
  • Detailed statistics
  • API integration

Create and manage email lists

Add emails to list by importing CSV file, subscription form or manually

Easily create newsletters

Templates, HTML Editor or Visual Editor, you can choose the preferred way to create newsletters

liste emailtemplate html

Campaign Management

Manage existing email marketing campaigns without any effort

Advanced statistics in real time

You have detailed statistics and Google Analytics tracking

campanii emailstatistici

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